HCPCS 'H' Modifiers (27)

Modifier Description
H9 Court-ordered
HA Child/adolescent program
HB Adult program, non geriatric
HC Adult program, geriatric
HD Pregnant/parenting women's program
HE Mental health program
HF Substance abuse program
HG Opioid addiction treatment program
HH Integrated mental health/substance abuse program
HI Integrated mental health and intellectual disability/developmental disabilities program
HJ Employee assistance program
HK Specialized mental health programs for high-risk populations
HL Intern
HM Less than bachelor degree level
HN Bachelors degree level
HO Masters degree level
HP Doctoral level
HQ Group setting
HR Family/couple with client present
HS Family/couple without client present
HT Multi-disciplinary team
HU Funded by child welfare agency
HV Funded state addictions agency
HW Funded by state mental health agency
HX Funded by county/local agency
HY Funded by juvenile justice agency
HZ Funded by criminal justice agency