HCPCS 'S' Modifiers (21)

Modifier Description
SA Nurse practitioner rendering service in collaboration with a physician
SB Nurse midwife
SC Medically necessary service or supply
SD Services provided by registered nurse with specialized, highly technical home infusion training
SE State and/or federally-funded programs/services
SF Second opinion ordered by a professional review organization (pro) per section 9401, p.l. 99-272 (100% reimbursement - no medicare deductible or coinsurance)
SG Ambulatory surgical center (asc) facility service
SH Second concurrently administered infusion therapy
SJ Third or more concurrently administered infusion therapy
SK Member of high risk population (use only with codes for immunization)
SL State supplied vaccine
SM Second surgical opinion
SN Third surgical opinion
SQ Item ordered by home health
SS Home infusion services provided in the infusion suite of the iv therapy provider
ST Related to trauma or injury
SU Procedure performed in physician's office (to denote use of facility and equipment)
SV Pharmaceuticals delivered to patient's home but not utilized
SW Services provided by a certified diabetic educator
SY Persons who are in close contact with member of high-risk population (use only with codes for immunization)
SZ Habilitative services
Terminated December 31, 2017.