HCPCS 'T' Modifiers (30)

Modifier Description
T1 Left foot, second digit
T2 Left foot, third digit
T3 Left foot, fourth digit
T4 Left foot, fifth digit
T5 Right foot, great toe
T6 Right foot, second digit
T7 Right foot, third digit
T8 Right foot, fourth digit
T9 Right foot, fifth digit
TA Left foot, great toe
TB Drug or biological acquired with 340b drug pricing program discount, reported for informational purposes
TC Technical component; under certain circumstances, a charge may be made for the technical component alone; under those circumstances the technical component charge is identified by adding modifier 'tc' to the usual procedure number; technical component charges are institutional charges and not billed separately by physicians; however, portable x-ray suppliers only bill for technical component and should utilize modifier tc; the charge data from portable x-ray suppliers will then be used to build customary and prevailing profiles
TE Lpn/lvn
TF Intermediate level of care
TG Complex/high tech level of care
TH Obstetrical treatment/services, prenatal or postpartum
TJ Program group, child and/or adolescent
TK Extra patient or passenger, non-ambulance
TL Early intervention/individualized family service plan (ifsp)
TM Individualized education program (iep)
TN Rural/outside providers' customary service area
TP Medical transport, unloaded vehicle
TQ Basic life support transport by a volunteer ambulance provider
TR School-based individualized education program (iep) services provided outside the public school district responsible for the student
TS Follow-up service
TT Individualized service provided to more than one patient in same setting
TU Special payment rate, overtime
TV Special payment rates, holidays/weekends
TW Back-up equipment